!!! This website is going to be down sometime in year 2017. Sorry for that! Please download any files you like. Share them. Tell friends. Use wget or another website mirror software.

avantgardeproject.org website is currently closed, so I decided to put mirror online on my hosting.
Here is it: http://avantgardeproject.conus.info/mirror/

Here is MP3 (192) versions of all FLAC files from the mirror.
Visit that website for more info, updates, and FLAC versions.
As in case of AGP website, all records places here are currently out of print. If you know otherwise, please let me know.
Email: dennis(a)conus.info

Here is another part of AGP project containing some installments not present here: ubu.com/sound/agp

SUMS.sha1 file is present in each AGP folder. It contain checksums of each file. Now anyone may check file's integrity after download. Read there more about sha1sum utility.

I update MP3-versions not so fast, because I do this manually, etc.
I suggest anyone interesting in MP3-updates subscribe to mail list here: agp-conus-news.
There will be very low traffic: only when I update this site.

For my other projects, see also: conus.info