AGP101 features the first eleven Klavierstucke (Piano Pieces) by Karlheinz Stockhausen, performed by Aloys Kontarsky in 1965 and transcribed from an out-of-print 2CD set. A recording of Klavierstucke I-XIV performed by Ellen Corver is available on CD 56 of the Stockhausen Complete Edition. But Kontarsky's recording was the first of this set of Klavierstucke and so has historical interest. The 2CD set from which these works were transcribed also contains recordings of Mikrophonie I and II that are on CD 9 of the Stockhausen Complete Edition, and so they are not included in this installment.

This installment is made possible by the generosity of two AGP partisans who were among several that answered my call for a transcription of these CDs. One provided the FLAC files and the other scanned the CD booklet notes, which are included in a PDF file. NOTE: this installment doesn't quite fit on one CD. In the original release, Klavierstucke I-IX and XI were on one CD, and Klavierstuck X was on the other. I leave it to you to decide how to dispose them if you are burning to CDs.

To download AGP101 files, right-click on each of the following links and select SAVE LINK AS.

01 - Klavierstuck I [3:00]

02 - Klavierstuck II [1:51]

03 - Klavierstuck III [0:31]

04 - Klavierstuck IV [2:05]

05 - Klavierstuck V [5:28]

06 - Klavierstuck VI [25:27]

07 - Klavierstuck VII [6:39]

08 - Klavierstuck VIII [1:47]

09 - Klavierstuck IX [9:46]

10 - Klavierstuck X [22:22]

11 - Klavierstuck XI [13:59]

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