NOTE: Track 11 in this installment has been deleted because New World Records is in the process of re-issuing as print-on-demand CD-Rs all of the recordings released originally on CRI LPs. If the recording in that track is not already available commercially, it should be in the near future. Click here for more details.

AGP72 features the piano music of Milton Babbitt as played by Robert Taub, transcribed from an out-of-print CD that was provided by an AGP partisan and devoted Babbitt aficionado in the USA. The recordings were originally released on a Harmonia Mundi LP (HMC 5160) in 1986. Milton Babbitt was one of the major American composers of the twentieth century, and a pioneer of both 12-tone and electronic music. Supplementing the CD transcription are two works for chamber ensembles, transcribed from LPs (Nonesuch H-71372 and CRI SD 499). The tracks altogether are just barely too large to fit on a CD. Sorry! The installment includes a PDF file with liner notes from all three releases.

To download AGP72 files, right-click on each of the following links and select SAVE LINK AS.

01 - Three Compositions (1947-48)

02 - Duet (1956)

03 - Semi-Simple Variations (1956)

04 - Partitions (1957)

05 - Post-Partitions (1966)

06 - Tableaux (1973)

07 - Reflections (1974) for piano and synthesized tape

08 - Canonical Form (1983)

09 - Lagniappe (1985)

10 - Arie da Capo (1973-74)

11 - Paraphrases (1979)

Liner notes from LPs

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